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AutoCAD - Civil/Survey - ARCHIVED
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62 archive items -- Showing Files 1 thru 15
139 unarchived items
Title Rating Downloads Size 5101k
place a standard profile grid array ....more
ascpoint.lsp 13686K
ASCPOINT.LSP is a utility for use with AutoCAD Release 10 or 11, which reads coordinate d ....more 4252k
insert vertical lines at mh stations in profile. ....more 4002k
Collect survey points from *.PRN files which have two digit number keys for automatic desc ....more 4572k
collect survey points from *.txt files which have two digit number keys ....more 3712k
Automatic placement of bore & jack casing pipe in profile. ....more 3502k
automatic placement of bore & jack casing pipe in plan. ....more 7402k
*******contour elevation labeling routine****** ....more 5036k
This program will format and place a curve table using the current Text settings to fix ....more 3572k
output depth cut + lf info for mhp generated gravity sewers. ....more 534142K
DDBS1192.LSP Version 2.31 - June 1996. BS1192 & Ordnance Survey Layering Software for Au ....more
DICO35.ZIP 659117k
DICOGO 3.5 PC COGO program for AutoCAD ....more 3462k
semi-auto placement of d.i.p. hatch pattern in profile. (on mhp sewers) ....more 46778k
dlglx converts usgs (united states geological survey) dlg (digital line graph) data to dxf ....more 3262k
dogleg existing vertical leaders and text in profiles. ....more
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