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3-D R12 drawing of a 10 speed bicycle. ....more
Wings Library ver 1.0 12265.6MB
The Wing and Thumb Library dialog box allows you to easily add industry standard wing nut, ....more 2211234k
R12 3D drawing of a 386 Chip ....more 35671312k
3d Dwg for R13 - a 3d model of a generic tank with some addons, like the short 5 pound g ....more 358858k
3-d plumbing fixtures ....more
3D Flower 41121514k
Render this and send it to sweetie on Feb 14 ....more
3d-men.ZIP 9129422k
R12 3D drawings of 8 Men in various poses ....more
3D-Spyder.dwg 35511385k
3D Drawing of a Spyder Painball gun. Originally drawn in R14 revised in R2000. ....more
3d-tree.ZIP 5784869k
A detailed 3d R12 drawing of a tree ....more
3dbath.dwg 4770842
Autovision for R13 - 14 - this is a 3d dwg. of a bath w/all the fixtures. ....more 397367K
These blocks were drawn in AutoCad 13 and are made up of 3dfaces, pfaces, and solids. ....more 372559k
R12 3D human Faces ....more 4962228k
3D mechanism Drawings for R13 - 14 - Engineering presicised 3D drawings of mechanisms an ....more 4114309k
3D Drawings of Mechanisms(2) for R13 - 14 - 3D Drawings of rael machine parts and mechan ....more 43721021k
Windows for AutoCAD 2000 57 3D windows (Patriot 2800 series) from size 18210 to 3862. Th ....more
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