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To use the layer functions type ALAY at the command prompt. The 2 & 3 letter commands may ....more
LFDel Ver.100 152452.73KB
A programme that will purges all the Layer Filters from the layer filter's list. The prog ....more
addLayPrefix ver 1.0 7386.03KB
Adds a user-defined prefix to all layers in a drawing, with the option of adding the prefi ....more
AutoLayer 16596.12MB
AutoLayer allows users to view and select multiple pre-established layers and insert them ....more
autolmap-demo.exe 101895k
AutoLMAP v1.0 for AutoCAD 14 + Layer Mapping batch processing routine to convert drawing ....more
AutoLMAP.exe 89289k
AutoLMAP 1.0 for R13 + - This demo is a batch processing layer converter. Convert your con ....more
BlockCreator 847145.26KB
Creador de .mnu para administrar blockes ....more
BlockCreator 902145.26KB
Creador de .mnu para administrar blockes ....more 11327k
BSLayer Menus put everything at your fingertips, with only a couple of mouse clicks you ca ....more
Layer & Linetype Manager_r14 932205KB
Provides a set of very intuitive and easy to use graphical tools incorporated into a float ....more 9761k
Change entire contents of a given layer to a different user specified layer. ....more
cvl.lsp 7941k
lisp routine to create or modify a layer to be visible in the current viewport only ....more 8934k
Double-up Button Commands in R14/2K/2Ki, TimeSavers for CAD - Contains the information and ....more 77428k
Updated for R14 - DD_group.lsp allows you to take a snapshot of the layers visibility (On, ....more
Directions.mnu 14504k
Menu Toolbar w/lsp and icons to change directions of crosshairs by angle/object/direction. ....more
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