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STEELit is an AutoCAD Runtime Extension (ARX) utility that will quickly and accurately dra ....more 266126k
STEEL.lsp/STEEL.dcl is an AutoLISP program which will quickly and accurately draw any s ....more 1085316k
STL.ARX for R13 - 14 - A parametric program for 2D draughting of English/ European Steel ....more 206559K
Steel Shapes ver 4.3 for R13 - 14 - Very friendly, comprehensive dialog driven interface ....more 1361376k
Structural Shapes ver 3.1 for R13 + - An AutoLisp routine that allows the user to automat ....more 1476155K
STEEL PLUS menu allows you to select which member type you wish to draw. This is repres ....more 172925k
TAP (Truss Analysis Program) version 3.0 is a simple but flexible tool that has a single f ....more 29327k
draw truss profiles ....more 9443k
TS.LSP V1.2 for R13 + - Draws tube section any size (sq. or rec.) with square corners, re ....more 77143k
Version UR3.0 Draws pipe flanges per Ladish from 150# flanges to 2500# flanges w/ use of ....more 1630466k
VC's HVAC Tools 2.0 for R14 - consists of a set of nine AutoCAD programs for automating ....more 2246715k
Weld Symbol V1.0 for R13 + - This program will draw any weld symbol to the users liking b ....more
Xxy.lsp 14633k
Xxy.lsp for R13 + - Chart generator for x,y, coordinates. Simple routine to create x-y ....more 1377280k
Col's Zed-Cee's for R14 - A great collection of Zed and Cee sections that I use in my dra ....more
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