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Title Rating Downloads Size 30416k
MultiDeflect is a universal particle deflector for 3DS MAX. MAX currently ships with a pl ....more 36912k
MELT 1.2 -- for 3D Studio MAX 1.x Melt is an object modifier that simulates gradual d ....more 41411k
MeshToSpline is a modifier that takes a mesh & turns it into splines so it can be used wit ....more 760264k
MeshTools is a collection of four plugins: Push, Solidify, Edit Mesh 2, and Editable Mesh ....more 32668k
MetaMAX 1.1 What is Metaballs? Basically, objects that attract or repel each other, ....more 27152k
Recompiles to MAX R2 of Bulge Melt Decay Spin Pinch ....more 27343k
This is an update for the MIX weighted object mix/morpher plugin, originally part of th ....more 27550k
Version 1.6 of the new weighed morphics system from Ishani - MIX. This version adds i ....more 280290k
MorphMagic Pro v1.2 beta for 3DS Max Final v2.0 This is the Max2 port for all MorphMagic r ....more 390108K
Model_Turns.max is setup for quick and easy 360 rotations of Models and Characters. This F ....more 60517k
QuickTime Movie Maker for 3DS MAX demo v. 1.02 - This plug-in for 3DS MAX allows you to cr ....more 30155k
Enhanced tube and cylinder primitives when the slice option is ON. When you need to be ....more 246121k
Recompiles to MAX R2 of Electrolize Stratus Frenetic Softspot Wiremap ....more 30730k
MeshSmooth 1.1 Pluggin - update of the MeshSmooth modifier so you can now work on the mes ....more 22652k
NAME SELECT Plugin enhanced - A better handling and some more features and bugfixes. ....more
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