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PowerCAD LT+ R5 231518
PowerCAD LT+E where nearly 300 powerful 2D drawing and editing commands can be used to cr ....more
PropSheet 6482226k
PropSheet is a macro that lets you assign Solid Edge part properties from the assembly env ....more
Algolab Photo Vector ver 1.95 5871.12MB
Vectorizer and image cleaner: a proven handy tool for designers and CAD/CAM professionals ....more
Algolab Raster to Vector Conversion Toolkit ver 1.25 12611.31MB
Vectorizer and vector graphics enhancement software. Improves look of vector graphics by m ....more
SEGmental Bend (SEGB) V1.03 55494.55MB
SEGmental Bend (SEGB) Version 1.03 (Metric and Imperial Units) Errata: V1.02 does ....more
Square To Round Ver 1.2 78404.74MB
Square-to-Round (STOR) is a software application to design square-to-round transformers. W ....more
Square-TO-Round (STOR) V1.02 9454.73MB
Square-to-Round (STOR) is a software application to design square-to-round transformers. W ....more
Square TO Square (STOS) V1.04 22994.53MB
The square to square transformer is probably the most common sheet metal transformation. T ....more
Surveying Tools 648647.31KB
Surveying Tools is built to eliminate the most common bottlenecks in BricsCad IntelliCAD a ....more
Breeches Piece (TINK) 25524.52MB
Proposed Description: Breeches Piece (TINK) 1.05 TINK is the 5th Ty Harness Sheet ....more
VariCAD 2005 3.00 92418.38MB
It is a 3D/2D CAD system for mechanical engineering. In addition to standard tools for 3D ....more
RTOPO 1.0 345335.99KB
Is useful in topography for representing 3D points (by 3DPOLY, SPLINE OR BLOCK entities) a ....more
VectorEngineer Quick-tools 12532MB
VectorEngineer Quick-tools is a free technical drawing and multi-purpose cad system that o ....more
Versamap 3 for Windows 11263.98MB
Versamap draws outline maps on 16 map projections. Plot great and small circles. Print pub ....more
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