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WiseFACE ver 2.0 - If you do use AutoCAD in 3D, you should realize that creating surface ....more 38612k
The Face Map modifier is the same as the material face mapping except implemented as ma ....more 32417k
CAlpha, Galpha, and See Buffer for Max 2.0. See Buffer is a replacement for SeeZ in ad ....more 34516k
How to Create a Pteridactyl In 3DS Max using the Fit Deformation Plugin This is a sma ....more 34919k
FLAT 1.03 - FREE plugin for 3D Studio MAX - The FLAT plugin is a FREE objekt plugin fo ....more 4095k
Expression Controller to Flicker Lights - This is an expression controller that allows ....more 29495k
Fields of Depth plugin v1.3 - Unregistered version of Fields of Depth version 1.3 by Dead ....more 367411k
Short animation of a burning wheatfield created with Fractal Flow MAX from Digimation. F ....more 3591270k
An animated glow rendered with Genesis - a Lensflare plugin in ....more 296182k
This is a little avi done with RLF1.5 (this creates the energy aura) the deformation wa ....more 44144k
GlowBaby v1.0b1 - This is an animated glow filter which has some features of Super Glow ....more 35363k
Plug-Ins for 2.0 - Planar Gravity 1.0 Spherical Gravity 1.0 Cylindrical Gravity 1.0 ....more 37724k
Just a grid mesh object. ....more 3831143k
This file contains the standard fonts for Alladin Ghostscript 4.03. The PostScript imp ....more 308678k
This zip file contains the initialization files for Alladin Ghostscript version 4.03 wh ....more
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