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AutoCAD VBA Block and Text DuplicateDetection None 63276.94KB
Detecting duplicate blocks and text in AutoCAD 14.01 (may work in 2000). VBA source code ....more
QDOOR version 1.0 14361531k
From the maker of Doors101. If you are one of the 2000+ users of Doors101 you must try th ....more
Roof Builder v1.1a 26872471K
**Announcing Roof Builder Tools ** (RBT) for AutoCAD 2000 and 2000i, developed by CADShare ....more
RebarWin 8893.3MB
Rebar detailing software which generates sorted, weighed and accumulated bar lists and lab ....more
Residential Windows 2197519k
Residental Windows is a program intended to work inside Autocad. It is a Menu driven, Auto ....more None 68134k
RMJ V1.5 for ACAD R12.0+ The RMJ V1.5 is a Room name/Area Combined Block Attributes Contro ....more 1707358k
The RoomArea2000 is used to label the name and area of a room by using a block named "$ARE ....more 8618k
For ADT 2.0 Automates converting ADT files into normal Autocad 14 files. It is meant as ....more
ScreenShotCropShop_Lite b.1 None 4201790k
Chop and crop the current screen to bmp files on disk in multiple samples, or entire scree ....more 7471531K
ScreenSnapShot camera bypasses the clipboard, creating screenshots on disk automatically f ....more 130542k
Section Symbols version 1.0 for R13 + - SECTION.LSP is an AutoLisp program designed for t ....more 110649k
Section Symbols V2.0 for R13 + - Section Symbols version 2.0 for R13 + - SECTION.LSP is ....more
Section Symbols 107149.36KB
Section Symbols V3.0 for R13 + - Section Symbols version 3.0 for R13 + - SECTIONI.LSP is a ....more
Cabinet sections 4349637k
Cabinet sections and mouldings ....more 209294k
Sequence Guide for House for R14 - House Building Sequence Guide. Crawl Space/Basement, ....more
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