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Title Rating Downloads Size 3065k
Particle Snapshot beta2 - Particle Snapshot util now actually SHOWS you the particle ....more 26726k
The Path Control Utility is utility that automatically adjust the percent controller for ....more 26426k
Path Control Utility - Another Charityware pluggin that allows you to distribute a bunc ....more 30721k
Particle Combust 1.55 is basically the same as the original Combustion but instead of w ....more 26822k
Particle Displace 1.0, basically it is similiar to the regular displace except instead of ....more 24717k
Patch MatID and Patch Out Plugins recompiles for max 1.2 files. ....more 28415k
This is plugin is a simple deformation system. It is an experiment in changing the way y ....more 2626k
This is a utility plugin which counts the number of polygons in your selection/scene. Po ....more 35430k
This plugin is Freeware. Pscale is a position scaling utility plugin. This tool is desi ....more 26124k
PSIALPHA Video Post Plugin - This is an extention of the Pseude Alpha Plugin, which allo ....more 23317k
Particle Spline Object Update Basically it creates a spline anf runs it through every p ....more 26817k
Particle Spline for Max 2.0 basically turns a particle system into a spline by connecting ....more 30315k
Push 1.01 fix This release fixes a minor problem. Push inflates or deflates an obj ....more 306231K
PowerFliC 32bit v2.11 for Windows 95 ....more
QuickExtrude Version 1.0 5141.66MB
Block Extrusions? QuickExtrude a simple dialog based extension to AutoCAD\'s EXTRUDE com ....more
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