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Recompiled NAMESEL.DLU Utility V. 2.0. for MAX R2. Functionallity same like 1.2. Old Hel ....more 27811k
RLF15 Tutorial NEW Distance Blur - This is our next tutorial file for RLF15. It shows th ....more 291272k
New version of gaptess.dll fixes random NURBS lockups caused during a surface tessellation ....more 28035k
A fix for Noise2d which corrects an incompatibiltiy bug with 1.2 and also adds Noise2dO ....more 25310k
NSPLINE V1.1 This is a corrected version of NSPLINE plugin. Fixed an error in the ....more 32713k
Normalize Spline normalizes the spline knots thus allowing you to create constant velocit ....more 25418k
Normalize Spline Source - This is the source code for Normalize Spline Modifier. ....more 2948k
OBJ File Export v1.0 - Export Wavefront .obj files from Max. Support smoothing and textu ....more 3144k
Simple Wavefront .obj file importer for MAX - This archive contains a very simple Wavefron ....more 265528k
a solution for HM and Physique together. Biped and Physique deform splines, which in turn ....more 34310k
Shadowcasting Omni for Max! Keywords: MAX 3DSMAX 3D STUDIO LIGHTS OMNI SHADOWS LUSSIER ....more 363388k
Demo Blob Modeller, Stand-alone for win95 and NT - This is a KILLER stand-alone blob mod ....more 27294k
Mondo Media'a Parrayplus version 1.1 with interparticle repulsion added. And ....more 228335k
Particle + Ver 1.8 for Max 1.2 Keywords: PARTICLE + VER 1.8 MAX 1.2 WATJE Ver 1.8 ....more 244281k
Particle+ 1.9 fixes the Dump Object bug and makes it compatible with the Particle Age Mat ....more
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